Accessing all areas to upgrade a London hall of residence

Emily Bowes Court is part of Hale sustainable urban village, a regenerated area of Tottenham in north London.

It’s a large hall of residence that is home to nearly 700 students. The area is known for its distinctive, brightly coloured buildings and Emily Bowes Court was no exception.

Its original facade had a vibrant orange and green design. We were appointed to replace the exterior cladding and rainscreen as part of a programme to improve fire safety.

The location of the building presented us with our greatest challenge. Emily Bowes Court backs on to the busy Tottenham Hale railway and underground station. We worked closely with Network Rail to obtain safe access to the site. This included clearing an area alongside the railway line and station to build a temporary road for scaffolding and the delivery of materials. At the end of the project, we removed the road and the area was replanted to return it to its previous condition.

The halls remained fully occupied throughout the renovation work. The building now has a sleek, modern exterior with a more muted colour palette of blue and grey hues.

Emily Bowes Court, London

Our Role: Sub Contractor
Size: 7,000m²
Programme: 56 Weeks
Completion: February 2023