Our philosophy

For a company to succeed and grow, it needs strong foundations. And strong foundations are essential if a business is to thrive over the long-term.
At Topek, our business is built upon THREE PILLARS that are at the core of everything we do and form the very bedrock of our success.

Technical Excellence
It's simple. We want to do the best job we can for our clients. Being good enough is not good enough for us - we aim to deliver excellence in everything we do. Do something well and clients will work with us again. Demonstrate that we're the best and our clients want to work with us over and over again.

Our reputation for Technical Excellence has been built through our continuous investment in the skills of our people, the efficiency of our processes and the sourcing of the best materials. Everyone, whether they are working on site or in our head office, is trained to do their job as well as they possibly can. We believe investing in our people is good for professional development and good for our business too. By doing an excellent job, we complete projects more quickly, eliminate remedial work, attract the best people and the best suppliers. Most importantly, it means our clients will be delighted with our performance.
The Topek Family
Our people are the most important asset we have. They are what makes Topek different, unique. Everyone who works for us has more than just the right skill set or level of experience. They have the right attitude too. They are the Managing Director of their role, the CEO of their project, they share our ambitions for the future and want to play their part in making sure we perform to the highest standard.

Many members of our team joined us straight from school. They've grown up with the business and for them, we're the only employer they have ever known. Some of those school leavers are now running the company! It's a testament to how well we treat our staff that so many want to stay with us. But we also attract experienced talent when we need to. And we don't just recruit from within the construction industry. It's this combination of talent, attitude, shared values and a strong sense of belonging that drives our business forward to become ever more successful.
The Topek Way
With the right people, skills and processes, we know our business will continue to grow. But to really fulfil our ambitions for the future, we need something more, something a little bit extra. We want every project journey to be the best it can be not just for us or for our client, but for everyone involved. That's why we have developed the Topek Way of doing business.

The Topek Way ensures that we stand out for our level of professionalism on every project we are part of. It ensures that we build great relationships with the right clients, suppliers and any other business partners. It enables us to understand the needs of our clients so that we exceed expectations and anticipate future requirements. It means that we look for solutions when others see problems. It's about developing relationships that are profitable and beneficial for everyone. And it means that people want to work with us time and again.